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MESSY HANDS is now offering Lunch & In School Programs!


MESSY HANDS now offers an inquiry based approach to our Lunch Time Program for the Primary & Junior grade levels. Please contact a MESSY HANDS representative for more detailed information.  Note:  Lunch & Afterschool Programs take place in a classroom within the school premises.  We take care of all the correspondance and booking forms which makes it hassle free for teachers and school administration.  We look forward to being a part of your school's Lunch or Afterschool Program!

During School Program

MESSY HANDS In School Services

MESSY HANDS is proud to offer its Visual Arts education and expertise to schools in and around the GTA! 
We provide programs and lessons which implement the Ontario Ministry of Education Art Curriculum for the Primary and Junior grade levels.   Together with your school, we can achieve the objectives of the Ontario Visual Arts Curriculum through educational, fun and stimulating lessons.

The People:
Tiziana D’Angelo, a former teacher with a unique vision and passion, started MESSY HANDS in 1994, and pursued her dream of creating a travelling art studio.  She purchased a school bus in 1999 and converted it into an art classroom on wheels.  MESSY HANDS  no longer has its buses.  We have realized that once students become engaged and begin creating, it doesn't matter where they are.  When our last bus decided it no longer wanted to drive, Tiziana decided to continue offering her quality and educational programs without purchasing a new bus, but instead, bringing the visual arts directly into the schools and classrooms.  Our driving force is making children happy by empowering them as they learn and create. 

The Product:
MESSY HANDS programs allow students to be creative, happy & compassionate inquirers.  Our inquiry based programs encourage students to challenge their MINDS, engage their HEARTS & use their HANDS to create, invent, express, observe, explore, discover, learn & communicate ideas so as to appreciate themselves and connect with each other and the world around them.

The Day of the Event

MESSY HANDS visits your school and conducts an art lesson that compliments the Teacher’s objective.  Each student creates a hands-on art activity.  Teachers can pre-select an art activity from our list of lessons and projects, which correspond with the appropriate grade level or Tiz will create a specialized art project for your students based on Teacher & curriculum expectations.
Ms. Tiz will set-up, teach the lessons and carefully offer students suggestions and assistance.  Schools can book one class or the entire school.  Each lesson is approximately 1 to 1.5 hour in length.  The length of time of each workshop may vary according to the art activity and grade level.


Education:  The MESSY HANDS Art Program is designed to meet the Ministry of Ontario’s Visual Arts Curriculum.  Choose from a variety of art lessons which allow children to create wonderful 2-D and 3-D art designed for the Primary and Junior grade levels.  Worksheets are also provided to reinforce the learned concept and art lesson.

Professionalism:  From start to finish, we guarantee satisfaction.   Our customer service representatives offer expertise, guidance, and assistance from booking a workshop to choosing a lesson to fit unit themes and specific needs.

Artistic Expertise:  MESSY HANDS art instructors are artists themselves.  They are educated and have a visual arts background.  As well, they possess a love of art and enjoy offering their expertise to children in an enthusiastic and fun manner.

Convenience:  MESSY HANDS conducts it's art lessons conveniently within the classroom at your school.  Therefore, schools need not be concerned with letters of permission or the rental of a bus for travel. MESSY HANDS also provides all the art materials necessary.

Cleanliness:  MESSY HANDS likes getting 'messy' but we also honour a tidy and clean working environment.  If we make a mess, rest assured that we clean it up. 

Our enthusiastic staff, the quality art projects, and the children’s satisfaction demonstrated on their faces prove to Administration, Teachers and Parents alike, that they made the right choice to use the services of MESSY HANDS.  

We look forward to hosting your special visit on the MESSY HANDS Bus!



(45 min to 1 hour)

Bus Workshop-based on a max of 20 students(additional students per session over the max. of 20 students is $6.00each)

1 Session/Day

$250.00 or $12.50/child

2 Sessions/Day

$400.00 or $10.00/child

3 Sessions/Day

$540.00 or $9.00/child

4 Sessions/Day

$680.00 or $8.50/child

5 Sessions/Day

$800.00 or $8.00/child

6 Sessions/Day

$960.00 or $8.00/child








Please contact us to book your school: or 905-303-6377.

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